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Solid Chemicals

Western’s 20 year experience in manufacturing water treatment products of all types means that we are in the vanguard of solid chemical technology. Our size and flexible approach allows us to provide the widest range of solid products.

Solid Chemicals

Why take delivery of plastic drums of water based chemicals which:

  • Take up valuable space
  • Present a handling risk
  • Require special storage

Solid water treatment products use proven chemical combinations which are manufactured into a solid paste concentrate. Solid chemicals are small and compact, and so take up much less space than traditional liquid chemicals. They also weigh less, reduce transportation costs and don’t have the same hazard risks.

Use solid chemicals from Western – The clean and safe option!

  • One 5kg pack is the equivalent of a whole drum
  • Non-hazardous as delivered
  • Handling issues eliminated
  • No more spill and splash concerns
  • Completely recyclable packaging

If your site uses greater water volumes, our disc feeder is an excellent solution.

Discs dissolve from the bottom and move down the stacked chamber and last longer.

Benefits include:

  • Less frequent changeover than with jars
  • Less plastic packaging makes it even greener
  • Less operator involvement