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Boiler Water Treatment

Western have years of experience, and a complete chemical, equipment and services package for your steam boilers and combined heat and power plant.


Our water treatment specialists are on hand to provide you with expert guidance and effective boiler system maintenance. Western Group know the most efficient ways to combat the key problems found in boiler systems, as well as providing custom made solutions which will ensure that the health and efficiency of your system is maintained to the highest level, as well as keeping you compliant with BS2486.

No matter what application a boiler is used for, or its size and design, there are three common problems that are found within boiler systems:

  • Scale
  • Corrosion
  • Carryover

Western Group have years of experience in treating boiler systems for these problems and have a broad selection of treatments to combat them, including our range of solid chemicals.

Western can also engineer significant cost savings for you by re-using water, and by effective pre-treatment.